United Nations «to do list» to make the world a better place

Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs for short, are a set of seventeen global goals set by the United Nations. Each of the seventeen goals have several targets to fulfill one goal, in total there are 169 targets that are planned to be achieved due 2030. The Sustainable Development Goals cover social and economic issues including poverty, hunger, health, education, climate change, equality and social justice.

Bilderesultat for SDGs

Here are all of the seventeen SDGs and their dedicated mission.

All of the seventeen SDGs are quite important to make the world a better place, but for me personally, goal #9: Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure and goal #16: Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions are the two most valuable goals out of all the others. 

Goal #9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure                                                            Sustaiable Development Goal number nine focuses mainly on better and more efficent industry and infrastructure, especially in developing countries.

In my opinion this is a very important goal. Industry and manufacturing is a major source for employment and economic growth. Better and more efficient industry will create more jobs, which will decrease unemployment and poverty rates, especially in developing countries. Upgraded infrastructure makes that goods get delivered quicker and safer, which makes the economy grow. Economic growth increases state wealth, and if distributed correctly and fair, the overall living standards in the given country will increase.

Increased overall industry will for sure increase pollution, but this can be avoided with better innovation with cleaner and more climate-friendly manufacturing.

Goal #16: Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions                                                                SDG 16 is all about human rights, especially civil and political rights which include: freedom from slavery and torture, fair court trials and a right for a national identity. Reduced sex trafficking, forced labour and child abuse are clear global goals, and SDG 16 is about enforcing an end to these crimes.

Everyone has a right to live a free and peaceful life, and therefore I believe that SDG 16 is a priority global goal. Because how can we focus on building a better world when people live in fear, slavery and torture?