Gran Torino

Walt Kowalski is the films main protagonist. He is a grumpy, though-minded and an unhappy old man, who still lives in a Detroit neighborhood, despite the changes the city has gone through. Walt can’t get along with his family and his neighbours. At the end of the film, Walt is a different man, his mindset has changed and his neighbours become his only friends. Walt left behind his past, and redeemed himself at the end, therefore, one of the main themes in his movie is redemption.

Walt Kowalski can be seen as a conservative man, he is old fashioned, though-minded and lives in the past. His son, his family members and even he himself describe him as old-school. He has conservative values and takes respect for granted, therefore we can see him being disgusted by his granddaughters behaviour and disrespect. Walt sees the modern youth as rotten and disrespectful.

Walts precious possession, the 1972 Gran Torino, and how he maintains it, can reflect on Walts values and worldview. He doesn’t use the Gran Torino very much, but still keeps it in mint condition. The way Walt maintains his Gran Torino can reflect on his values and worldview. The Gran Torino is quite old, but he maintains it, just like he maintains his old fashioned values. Walt maintains the past, he lives in he past and enjoys the past.

Walt´s love for the past can also be seen in the fact that he still lives in a Detroit neighborhood. After Detroit’s downfall everyone moved out, but he stayed. He stayed, because he takes great pride in the past, in the golden age of the rust belt. Walt does not only maintain his Gran Torino in mint condition, but also his house and lawn. Compared to the other houses in the neighbourhood, his house is the only one which is kept in perfect condition. This again reflects on Walts conservative values.

At the end, Walt settles with his past. He leaves it behind after he fulfills his quest of redemption.

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Fagerlia International Day – Sagvan Fathi

Sagvan Fathi is a former refugee from Iraqi Kurdistan whom received asylum in Norway, when he crossed the Norwegian border in 2000 after a tough year traveling from Northern Iraq, throughout Europe. Sagvan lives now a successful life. He settled in Ålesund in early 2000s, established a profitable business in 2003, and recently began to take political action.

Sagvan established his auto care shop in 2003, and is one of Moa’s most profitable businesses. Besides the auto care shop he owns several other businesses, including a barbershop. Sagvan has recently become active in Norwegian politics, after joining the Labour Party.  His political views are based on a clear and open minded philosophy. He does not judge people based on their ethnicity, beliefs nor political views, but on how hardworking they are. Sagvan believes that hard work is the key to success.

Most of the refugees that arrive in Norway are unable to get a working permit, they have to wait several months or even years to receive one. This frustrates Sagvan. How can refugees integrate and succeed in Norway when they are not allowed to work? he asks himself.

The Incredible Power of Film

Films have an incredible power, they can inform us about social and political issues, make us think and take action, they may influence our attitudes and opinions about specific subjects, and of course, entertain us. Before the flood and Girl Rising are two  films that inform us and make us want to take action.

Before the flood is a documentary film about climate change featuring the academy awards winner, Leonardo Dicaprio. As mentioned Before the flood informs us about climate climate, its consequences, public ignorance and the action that can be taken to combat it. 

Girl Rising is a documentary film that tells us stories about nine girls, from nine different countries. Girl Rising is also a global movement for girls education, primarily based on this feature film. The documentary makes us aware about the daily struggles of young girls from 2nd and 3rd world countries. It especially focuses on the fight for girls education, and how educated girls may change the world.

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Skriv inn en undertekst

Before the flood and Girl Rising are films that motivates us to take action, but also to inform us and influence our opinions about the subjects presented in the given films. There is also another film, that informs and influences us about a specific topic, that i would like to mention. 

Do you trust this computer? is a film I highly recommend for everyone. It is a documentary that outlines the benefits, and most importantly, the dangers of Artificial Intelligence. Benefits and dangers that will have a major impact on all of us in the near future. After watching this documentary you  realize that the future where AI dominates your everyday life is closer than you thought. 

United Nations «to do list» to make the world a better place

Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs for short, are a set of seventeen global goals set by the United Nations. Each of the seventeen goals have several sub-targets, in total there are 169 targets that are planned to be achieved due 2030. The Sustainable Development Goals cover social and economic issues including poverty, hunger, health, education, climate change, equality and social justice.

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Here are all of the seventeen SDGs and their dedicated mission.

All of the seventeen SDGs are quite important to make the world a better place, but for me personally, goal #9: Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure and goal #16: Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions are the two most valuable goals out of all the others. 

Goal #9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure                                                            Sustaiable Development Goal number nine focuses mainly on better and more efficent industry and infrastructure, especially in developing countries.

In my opinion this is a very important goal. Industry and manufacturing is a major source for employment and economic growth. Better and more efficient industry will create more jobs, which will decrease unemployment and poverty rates, especially in developing countries. Upgraded infrastructure makes that goods get delivered quicker and safer, which makes the economy grow. Economic growth increases state wealth, and if distributed correctly and fair, the overall living standards in the given country will increase.

Increased overall industry will for sure increase pollution, but this can be avoided with better innovation with cleaner and more climate-friendly manufacturing.

Goal #16: Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions                                                                SDG 16 is all about human rights, especially civil and political rights which include: freedom from slavery and torture, fair court trials and a right for a national identity. Reduced sex trafficking, forced labour and child abuse are clear global goals, and SDG 16 is about enforcing an end to these crimes.

Everyone has a right to live a free and peaceful life, and therefore I believe that SDG 16 is a priority global goal. Because how can we focus on building a better world when people live in fear, slavery and torture?